Maintenance services of compressed air systems

Kompressorikeskus OÜ specialises in the maintenance and repair of compressed air systems. We take care of everything related to industrial air treatment, from equipment installations to the construction of compressed air post-treatment systems.

Professional help

Kompressorikeskus has long-term experience in its field, being a partner for more than 1000 companies across Estonia. Thanks to constant staff training and self-education, we can ensure a professional service and high-quality air from compressed air devices to end consumers. Our service centres are located in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Estonia and we are prepared to help you outside working hours, if necessary.

Regular and timely maintenance prevents expensive repairs of compressors and ensures continuous operation of industrial equipment and lasting air quality.

Regular maintenance allows us to ensure for our partners:
• prevention of faults
• minimising downtime
• lower management costs
• extended life of equipment
• overview of equipment condition and needs of the compressed air system

Maintenance contract

We guarantee for our maintenance contract partners an undisturbed and seamless work process through flexible and fast service and preventive maintenance of equipment.

The maintenance contract includes:
• a six-year warranty for new Gardner Denver compressors;
• a ten-year warranty on screw elements;
• flexible pricing policy;
• use of original spare parts for equipment sold by Kompressorikeskus;
• maintaining a reasonable stock of commonly used spare parts for equipment sold by other suppliers;
• priority response in the event of emergency calls;
• service outside working hours, 24/7, if necessary;
• replacement equipment;
• phone consultations.


Let us handle your compressed air concerns!