Products and services

In cooperation with the customer, we strive to find the optimal and most economical complete solution from the equipment available. This is the reason for our extensive product range, which includes everything from various types of compressors to compressed air quick connectors and tools. We also offer a wide range of services – from regular maintenance to compressed air system audits.

Our activities

Compressed air – this is one of many energy sources that can be used to start equipment and processes. Energy costs must be paid for.

Compressed air post-treatment equipment – this includes dryers, filters, etc. which are used to save money. Untreated compressed air damages the piping, equipment and final products. If accessories do not save money, it is not sensible to install them.

Nitrogen and oxygen generators are also primarily intended to save the customer’s money or even earn some. Such purchases require thorough calculations and analysis. However, they are generally worth it.

As many compressed air appliances consume a lot of electricity, we always recommend consulting our sales team before you make a purchase. Even if you feel you have found the right appliance, it is a good idea to review the selected products with a specialist. Wrong units of measurement or incorrect conversions may lead to unsuitable choices. It is especially easy to make mistakes with vacuum pumps and low-pressure devices.

The three main product categories offered by Kompressorikeskus are as follows.

– Equipment for producing compressed air, compressed gas and vacuum

Equipment for improving quality of compressed air and treating condensate

– Compressed air equipment, accessories, connectors, pipes and other

– We offer maintenance, repair and installation of compressors and vacuum pumps. We also install compressed air lines and audit compressed air systems – measurement of air consumption and dew point, detection of leaks, etc.

If you cannot find detailed information about required products and services on the website, call us or send an e-mail to our office at or directly to our sales consultants.