Compressed air filters, dryers and condensate treatment

Filters are used to clean compressed air. They can be used to eliminate foreign substances such as water, rust, oil, dust, etc. that damage the end product, equipment or pipelines.

If the main problem is water and humidity in compressed air, the filter alone may not help as it only removes condensed liquid, not vapour. A dehumidifier is required to remove more moisture.

Compressed air filters in our range:

  • DF series with a capacity of 35-1100 m3/h; connections 1/4-2″
  • SG series with a capacity of 1440-38,400 m3/h; connections 2 1/2″ – DN300

Filter elements:

  • pre-filters, 1-, 3- and 15-micron elements;
  • microfilters, 0.1- and 0.01-micron elements, oil residue below 0.01 mg/m3;
  • activated carbon filters, oil residue below 0.003 mg/m3;
  • high-pressure microfilters for pressures up to 400 bar;
  • sterile and vapour filters;
  • filter elements for the housings of different brands: Ultrafilter, Donaldson, Omega, Domnic-Hunter, Hiross, Hankison, Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Zander, Ceccato, Mark, Gardner Denver and more.