Compressed air dryers

Water and moisture are some of the main culprits that damage pneumatic equipment, tools and end products. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to remove from compressed air using modern compressed air dryers. Check and calculate the amount of water in compressed air – open the calculation table.

Depending on the compressor used, it is strongly recommended to install pre- and post-filters to remove solid particles and oil residues from compressed air.

  • Compressed air dryers with a dew point of 3-5 °C

We have in stock dryers with parameters up to 5 m3/min.

  • Adsorption dryers with a dew point of -20 to -70 °C from Donaldson

Capacity: 8-6290 m³/h
Operating pressure: 11-350 bar

· Compressed air regenerated, air loss 12-15%
· External blower regenerated, air loss 2.5-5%
· Vacuum regenerated, no air loss
· High-pressure dryers for pressures up to 350 bar
· Breathing air systems
· Oil vapour adsorbers

  • Hypercool aftercoolers for compressed air and other gases and compatible Hypersep condensate separators

· Air-cooled aftercoolers; 0.6-75 m3/min
· Water-cooled aftercoolers; 1.2-200 m3/min

  • Fluid coolers or chillers from the Hyperchill series

· Chillers with a cooling capacity of 2.5-360 kW and the Maxi series with up to 760 kW