Vacuum pumps and blowers

Low-pressure blowers are often preferred for aerating wastewater treatment plants and fish farming plants. However, vacuum pumps and low-pressure blowers are also used in everyday industry, on various equipment and for various purposes.

Miniature membrane compressors or side channel blowers are great for small consumers. Large consumers benefit greatly from Roots-type rotary vane blowers.

Collection of biogas and transporting it through pipes to generators and engines has also become relevant. For this purpose, our product range includes explosion-proof vacuum pumps and blowers with a special inner coating and different ATEX classifications.

For tanker lorries, a complete range of GD Drum (formerly Syltone) compressors and vacuum pumps is available with optional equipment. These are suitable for facilitating and accelerating the loading of both liquids and solids.

Our suppliers are various companies belonging to the Gardner Denver group, such as Elmo Rietschle, Thomas, Nash, Drum, Wittig and others, plus Robuschi, which manufactures rotary lobe blowers and vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps. Special laboratory equipment is manufactured by Welch, a member of the GD group. GD Lamson and Hoffmann are trademarks of large, special vacuum systems and blowers.

We also service and repair equipment from many other manufacturers of low-pressure blowers and vacuum pumps. Request a quote

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