We carry out audits of compressed air systems according to the customer’s needs and wishes. To save costs on compressed air and electricity bills, it is reasonable to occasionally audit your equipment. An audit should be carried out in companies where compressed air lines are older than five years and equipment has been in operation for more than three years. By this time, pipe leaks may occur and it is a good time to inspect the system and reconfigure it, if necessary. Depending on the system and type of audit, the audit may take around twenty minutes or a few weeks.

The audit may consist of all or some of the following activities:

  • compressed air consumption measurements
  • dewpoint measurements
  • pressure measurements
  • equipment power consumption measurements
  • oil content measurements
  • identification of leaks

Based on the results of the parameter measurements, we will present the client with proposals to improve or reconstruct the system. Sometimes, it is sufficient to relocate the equipment or install thicker pipes or a larger container to achieve significant savings.

Compressed air is a convenient but very expensive type of energy. The price of electricity accounts for around 75-80% of the costs of the average compressor station. It would be very reasonable and economically feasible to implement all energy-saving options, such as a compressor with a frequency converter, which can save up to 30-35%, or use warm cooling air for heating rooms.


What is the purpose of an audit and when is the right time to do it?

How much time should I schedule for an audit?

What does the customer have to do to prepare for the audit?