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Used equipment

Why used device?

The used screw compressors and dryers we sell are all checked, serviced and, if necessary, repaired. On older compressors and compressors with more than 35,000 operating hours, both the motor and screw element bearings have been replaced, which ensures a long life for the equipment. All used devices have a 6-month warranty. Compressors are located in both Tallinn and Tartu warehouses. Before driving to the place, please be sure to call and specify the availability of the desired model.

Used piston and screw compressors in stock! (currently 10+ different devices in stock)

  • 5.5-110 kW
  • 0.6-20.9 m3/min
  • pressures of 7.5-10 bar

Used cooling dryers in stock!

  • 1.1 to 6.0 m3/min
  • pressure up to 16 bar
  • dew point up to +3C

Used oil-free piston compressor Boge PO6L

  • 450 l/min
  • pressure up to 15bar
  • 4kw