Hydrogen production - hydrogen compressors

H2 – hydrogen. More and more news is appearing about hydrogen as a new output of green energy. Every week new possibilities are found where hydrogen could be used and how it can be produced, compressed or transported more cheaply. Hydrogen is a very common element in the world, but it is also flammable and explosive. Therefore, it is necessary to choose very carefully which equipment to use in your hydrogen compressor station, pipeline or transport to ensure that they are safe and energy efficient.

Kompressorikeskus offers a wide range of gas compressors for increasing the pressure of hydrogen, which are suitable for use in very different areas, such as transport (hydrogen filling stations for cars, buses, etc.), industry, energy, etc. Since the pressure and quantities of hydrogen are very different in different areas, we can offer a pressure increase to 20 bar, but also to 1100 bar if necessary. When making a request, please always include as much basic data as possible – these are definitely the field you are working in, the gas input pressure to the hydrogen compressor and the desired output pressure, as well as the input and ambient temperature.


Hydrogen storage

Our selection includes tanks made of different materials, which are suitable for hydrogen – metal hydrogen tanks and hydrogen tanks made of composite material. The offered hydrogen tanks are manufactured in Poland and England. For more detailed information, please send a request, be sure to mention the field, maximum pressure and tank volume.

Hydrogen piping and fittings, valves, etc

Any type of pipes, hoses or fittings must not be used with hydrogen. Due to the characteristics of the gas, today there are only selected manufacturers in the world who have the certificates to produce the correct hydrogen pipe or fitting. Together with our partners, we can put together a solution that is exactly right for you. We are able to offer both solutions for building a trunk pipe indoors or connecting equipment, as well as trunk pipes in the form of outdoor routes.